Телесная терапия. Восточный подход.

Борзакова Мария Сергеевна

About (english)

y_803e1173Maria Sergeevna Borzakova is the author of synthesis method massage techniques, acupuncture and bioenergy. These techniques enable her to effectively remove muscle knots which normalizes general psychoemotional state and selfregulation of the whole organism and releases excessive body tension. The method does not imply any obligatory work with context, so it is possible to use for fast relief from pain syndrome, which can be caused by a muscle spasm, a swell or neurological factors. The approach is based on the principles of Eastern medicine, modern concepts of body-oriented psychotherapy and works by W. Reich, A. Lowen, E. Zuev and others.

The approbation protokol is there: borzakova_eng

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